Year End Awards

2023 Winners

Horse of the Year
Carly Mae
Carly Mae
Senior Rider of the Year (One Horse)
Elizabeth Wilmer
Elizabeth Wilmer
Senior Rider of the Year (Multiple Horses)
Caitlin Burch
Caitlin Burch
Junior Rider of the Year (One Horse)
Ella Cummins
Ella Cummins
Junior Rider of the Year (Multiple Horses)
Ashley Wilmer
Ashley Wilmer
Tadpole JuniorChampionElla CumminsZar
 Reserve ChampionElla CumminsJax
Tadpole SeniorChampionElizabeth WilmerCarly Mae
 Reserve ChampionPauline LundgrenThistle
 3rdCaitlin BurchPip
 4thLori EastZipped Up in Gucci
Cross Rails JuniorChampionElla CumminsJax
 Reserve ChampionElla CumminsZar
 3rdElla CumminsPip
Cross Rails SeniorChampionElizabeth WilmerCarly Mae
 Reserve ChampionMelissa DornerRiver
 3rdMallory DenisonVSH My Moonlight
Green JuniorChampionSarah AndersonGhost
 Reserve ChampionSage LahmersLightning
 3rdAlexa PerdieuSimon
Green SeniorChampionSarah TweedieWarrior Spirit
Advanced Green JuniorChampionAshley WilmerParson Brown
 Reserve ChampionAshley WilmerSainta Lucia
 3rdSage LahmersMr. Coupons
Advanced Green SeniorChampionSydney CardenLightning McQueen
 Reserve ChampionSarah TweedieWarrior Spirit
Beginner Novice JuniorChampionAshley WilmerBlonde Bombshell
 Reserve ChampionAshley WilmerA King’s Ransom
Beginner Novice SeniorChampionKim SmithAriella
 Reserve ChampionCaitlin BurchClass Action
3rdCorrine WoodsJJ
Novice JuniorChampionAshley WIlmerWilburn’s Angel

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